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My journey to jewelry design and production began with a series of personal health issues that caused me to be bed ridden for a long period of time. Stringing beads became a past time for me while I recovered. I began making anklets because I love the hippie edge and wearing them in the summer. I enjoyed perusing the internet for beads from around the world and designing new patterns. My anklet supply grew.   


I became interested in jewelry sales a few years ago while on vacation in the Bahamas. I put my supply of anklets I had with me on consignment in a small boutique. Although I didn’t continue to search out retail, I was excited at the prospect of earning money while doing what I loved. I continued to make anklets as my health improved and gave most of them away as gifts. I really wanted to expand my creative work - so I decided on earrings. I used glass beads at first and then changed my primary components to gemstones which made the quality of the earrings more substantial and retail worthy. My daughter Corinne suggested that she should build a website for me and I could sell my product online. We tossed around some ideas for names of our new business venture. Based on the style I was making, we came up with Bohemian Bloom: Jewelry for the Free Spirited.  

My jewelry theme is bohemian with additional style categories of classic chic, vintage, art nouveau, art deco and victorian. The metal components are made of aged patina brass, antique brass and silver, matte gold, sterling silver and gunmetal. The beads are mostly gemstones (natural, raw and polished) with pearls, turquoise, crystals and Czech glass to complete the bohemian look. There are rarely two pair alike because I enjoy creating something new each day. The children's line emerged when my two adopted grandchildren, Sophia and Caroline inspired me to make jewelry for the free spirited little girl. They continue to be instrumental in designing jewelry and choosing gems for the 4-12 age group. Each jewelry design is made with care and appeal to females of all ages. 

Thank you for visiting my website and supporting my online jewelry business.

-Becky Richards

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